Hi there! I am Apollo Trujillo, a multiple award winning Game Designer, Level Designer, and Combat Designer.

My current focuses are on polished gameplay design and implementation, technical know-how, and mentoring.

I have also held 40 world records in MGS games, founded IGDA’s Spanish Chapter, and have collaborated with several industry-related organizations, authors, and press outlets.

Currently working on: Undisclosed AAA project – Combat design 

Assorted Game Reviews

Public’s Choice:
Best in VR

Webby Awards, Everest VR

“One of the Indies of the year. Badass”

Gamika, Ren Hu

AWARD honorable mention

GDC Awards, In Death

“In the short list for best Spanish indie game of the year”

IGN Spain, Ren Hu

3 times Award Finalist
Best Game, Best Art, Most Innovative

Playstation Awards Spain, Ren Hu

Top 20 2018 VR Games


PCGamer, In Death

Steam aggregate Score: 95%+

In Death

Gameplay Score: 9


VRTheGamers, In Death 


Bike In Time

Gameloft’s Da Nang Premium Mobile Arcade Trials Game

Role: Lead Game Designer, Level Designer.

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In Death

 Steam VR & Oculus Store top seller VR roguelike shooter

Role: Senior Game Designer

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Ren Hu

Three-time Playstation Award finalist hack ‘n’ slash in HTML5

Role: Game Director

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Tests & Code Examples

Selected Articles, Talks, and Interviews

Level Design talk – Icelandic Game Industry Group

DOOM (2016) Arcade Mode’s Scoring Feedback Loops – Gamasutra

DMCV Combat and Encounter Design Commentary

VR Game Stealth Level Design Test – 3D Prototype

III Playstation Awards Ceremony

Entrevista Ren Hu – Gamika

Entrevista Japon 2016 – Hobby Consolas

Entrevista Japon 2015 – Hobby Consolas

Entrevista Ren Hu – IGN España

Los 20 Mejores Speed Runs – Meristation

Fukatsu No F Preview – Hobby Consolas

Tekken 7 Preview – Meristation