Ren Hu

Ren Hu: Rebel Yell

Ren Hu: Rebel Yell was a Playstation Award finalist (Best Game, Best Art, Most Innovative – 2016) hardcore strategic beat’em up which –at the time- was the biggest action game ever made in HTML5.

I directed, produced, wrote, and designed Ren Hu, taking it from funding, pre-production, script writing, and prototyping to development, which eventually lead to to a kickstarter campaign, over a period of 12 months. I spent 3 months in Japan researching games of similar styles, and being my biggest personal project at the time, it was a fantastic learning experience.

Over those 12 months I took a team of 7 students who had never worked on a professional game to create a playable alpha with -at the time- groundbreaking tech. Alas, out Kickstarter campaign failed for reasons beyond our control. We did however get extensive press coverage, were nominated to the Playstation Awards, and created a tight community of fans.


Challenges: Technology was not ready for a game of this size, and so we had to fight it and hack it into performing. Should I have to redo, I would investigate the tech more thoroughly. Obtaining funding was challenging but also rewarding, as it allowed me to put together a fantastic team. 


Role: Director, Game Designer, Combat Designer, Writer, Producer, and many more small roles as needed.

Team size: 7 full-time, several freelancers as needed.
Tools: Construct 2, Blender, Reaper, Photoshop, and many others.

Some of my main responsibilities included:

  • Obtain initial funding
  • Direct creative team of designers, animators, musicians, etc.
  • Design game mechanics
  • Design and Balance combat, mechanics, and enemies
  • First pass level design
  • Script writing
  • UI wireframing and coding.
  • Licensing with Partners
  • Run its marketing and Kickstarter campaign